A Little Thing called Love.

Finally, I’m done watching A Little Thing Called Love after a few days! Hoho. It took me about 3 days to watch this movie. =)) I’m too busy on school works and I’m only watching it through my phone during free times. One word to describe this Thai Movie? CUTE! It’s like the story of ugly duckling, not really a duck, but a ugly girl turned into a super-duper-cute-pretty-beautiful girl! Exaggeration much. =)) This love story is really cute. It’s now one of my favorites. :D

Panoorin niyo to! Over sa kakiligan! Panoorin niyo na lahat ng love stories, basta wag niyong ‘tong kakalimutan! Cute, swear. :)

Jan 21st 2011 · 1 note · Tags: #movies #ALTCL
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